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Who Is SKS?

Co-Founder of the Young Lords Haus, A&R and Producer at Skybox Recordings, SKS has silently been the curator of a new sound behind the scenes for the last 8 years with the help of both longtime friends and lifelong obstacles within his path. Starting his musical journey as a saxophonist, the Young Lord stands a part from many within his field with his 4 years of music experience prior to opening a single DAW. Once he did however, despite the learning curve of the technology he hit the ground running, though instead of pushing out hundreds of beats in the hopes to be sold and to build popularity, he instead focused on mastering the craft of production, something he hasn't regretted since. This inspired fellow longtime collaborator Young Lord Eisen to also master his craft as a writer and together they envisioned a writing/production pair that would curate incredible albums and since then... well the rest will be history!

Media Composer, Producer & Recording Artist Developer

"Developing artists isn't something a school can teach anyone, it requires an understanding of natural growth only comparable to that of a farmer."

  • Tag Name: @YoungLordSKS
  • Age: 24
  • Degree: Bachelor's Fine Arts | Music Scoring & Composition for Visual Media
  • Email:
  • While SKS does enjoy working with recording artists, his primary focus of expertise is actually within the world of visual media and has experience working as an intern Music Composer for TV/Film projects for various media corporations.

The Numbers

While many people take pride in their numbers, we see them more as benchmarks for where we are and where we could reach people in the best way possible, so as they say on many dating sites, if it matters, we've got:

Total Streams from Solo & Produced Projects

Projects featuring production from yours truly!

Hours Of Practice in not only Music Composition, but Arrangement, Audio Engineering and Mastering!

Hard Workers Eisen and SKS cultivate hours, if not days of sounds for many artists as A & R's at Skybox Recordings


Check out many of the songs and albums featuring production by YL SKS below !

Collaborative Releases

Black POLA BARE - "arctic gaia"

Pola's second release and debut release for his heralded "Traveler" series, Arctic Gaia combines lush lo-fi sounds with gritty Miami references to give a very "wintery" description of the status quo of life in Miami for the not so stereotypical black male.

  • A&R, Executive Producer, Lead Producer
  • Produced Tracks: 1-7
  • Skybox Recordings, Young Lords Haus

HAUS Releases


2019 - 2021

"6 Albums. Countless Stories. Incomporable vibes."

Tales From Titan, Tales From Da Crib, The Tale of Eisen's Revenge, The Tale of The Lost One, The Tale of the Last War, and the Tale of The Young Lord. All co-Executive Produced and Produced between YL SKS and YL Eisen under the collaborative venture "The Method". Sparked from a conversation between the two about an origin story and about reaching 20,000 hours (IYKYK), The Tales has become their benchmark for explaining the journey from regular creators to Young Lords.

The Supremacy Series

2015 - 2021

"Excellence either has a benchmark set, or you set one for yourself to surpass"

One SKS reached his first 10,000 hours, he began a project of templates for how he envisioned sounds to be now and towards the future, each Volume having a distinct sound separating it from the issue released prior.

Equipment I Use



Most Up To Date Versions of:

  • Ableton Live, Max For Live Essentials
  • Apple Logic Pro X
  • AVID Sibelius Ultimate Music Notation Software
  • Arturia's Keylab , V Collection series
  • The Spectrasonics Collection: Omnisphere, Keyscape, Trilian, Stylus RMX
  • Native Instrument's Massive, Reaktor, Absynth, Kontakt
  • Waves' Diamond Bundle



Subject to Change?

  • 2019 Mac Mini, 2015 Macbook Pro
  • Adams T5x Monitors
  • Universal Audio Apollo|Solo (Black Lion Audio Modded)
  • Arturia Keylab 49 Essential
  • Roland Juno-DS 61


If you're looking to work with SKS or Eisen anytime soon, but curious as to what specifically we offer to private clients then hopefully this list helps our future clients find exactly what they may be looking to do with us!


Hopefully self-explanatory, but if you're looking for a producer for your next song or album feel free to contact SKS via email and ask about or availability!

A&R| Album Development

If you've already completed your record, or would like direction towards creating a record that highlights your best creative efforts, SKS has 6+ years experience developing great projects ready for release!!

Collaborative Efforts

Interested in doing a joint creative effort with SKS, Eisen and others? feel free to email us directly at with any and all inquiries!!!

Creative Consultation

Are you a new artist who wants a better understanding of the lanes they can be active in? Or are you an experienced artist who hasn't had any real direction towards the right path for you? Within 45-90 minutes of reviewing your catalogue and 1-1 interview SKS works with you to determine the right gameplan for you to approach your artistry within a 6-18 month span (inquire via email).

Film Score, Development

SKS offers a wide range of experience as a Film Score Composer, Arranger and Music Supervisor that would be of valued aid to any film projects!

Record Label Management

Having his most experience in Record Label development and Artist Development, if you're an independent label, subsidiary or major that's looking to rebuild and revitalize their roster then look no further!